Active Directory consolidation – BEW Hotel Group

Scope: Consolidate 12 Active Directory forests to one for BEW Hotel Group

~700 active users

~24TB of shared data across 18 sites

Project plan:

  1. Install 36 new physical servers (Hyper-V hosts) across 18 hotels – two servers each.
  2. Install 72 virtual machines – four per site, two per host – for two Domain Controllers and two File Servers per site.
  3. Create new Active Directory forest
  4. Migrate 12 existing Active Directory forests to newly created forest
  5. Migrate all shared folders form existing file servers to new DFS in each site.
  6. Setup ring Hyper-V replication between 18 sites

M to I acquisition

Scope: Integrating email infrastructure for two large pharmaceutical corporations.

Acquired company:

Microsoft Exchange – mixed hybrid environment includes Exchange 2010, 2013 and Office 365 tenant,

~1800 end users,

~3.5K mailboxes – ~850 in Office 365

~50GB of files stored in OneDrive,

Two datacentres – EU and NA,

16 offices around the world,

~150TB od shared files

Acquiring company:

Microsoft Exchange 2010 ~80 servers with dedicated roles, fully redundant.

~35K end users,

~80K mailboxes,

Two datacentres – EU and NA,

~100 offices around the world,

Project plan:

1. Off-boarding Office 365 back On Premise

a. Exchange Online

User mailboxes: ~850

Shared mailboxes: ~200

Mail contacts: ~270

DL: ~650

b. OneDrive

~50GB – not much used

c. Sharepoint

Not in use

d. Skype for Business

Not in use

e. Yammer

Not in use

f. MS Temas

Not in use

2. Retire the Office 365 tenancy

3. Lift and shift On Premise whole environment including Active Directory, Exchange and Lync 2013 and other app servers from “M” to “I” datacenter accordingly, EU and NA.

4. Migrate “M” to “I” Exchange environment – AD, Exchange, Lync 2013 to Cisco Jabber and other applications.